Ultrasonic Tank Sensor Manual

10 STLU01 ULTRASONIC TANK LEVEL SENSOR Description Technical Specification

STLU01 Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor with analog voltage output adopts the ultrasonic ranging principle THROUGH the measuring Liquid. It uses a special probe attached to the under-face (bottom) of the measured container to measure the level of the liquid level. It is suited to metal tanks. Special ultrasonic sensor using advanced high-speed signal processing technology is good for tanks up to 1.0m high. The assessed liquid level in the tank is calculated accurately by using the special algorithm. The measurement output is 0-5VDC signal. The design of this sensor suits RV manufacturers, The sensor has an LED on the underside. This is solid when 12V power is available. The sensor is placed by hand to the position where it will be adhered. The LED will flash to confirm the ultrasonic response is good and not fouled by baffles or pumps etc. When glued into position, excess glue is trapped in the glue recovery recess in the base of the unit. The material is anodized aluminium alloy of fine quality. The liquid level sensor has no special requirement on the material in the tank. Installation 1. The sensor needs to be placed in the centre at the bottom of the container. To make make sure there is no obstacle in the detection range there is an LED that “flashes” during installation. Bafles and other obstacles can therefore be avoided. Read on.. 2. Clean the detecting surface of the tank. If the metal tank has a paint coating, the surface of the detecting point has to be

Performance Recommended application Water Tank IP68

Measurement mode Non-contact

Length of wire 450mm

Size (LxWxH)

50x50x17 mm

Work temperature - 15 – +60 °C

Storage temperature - 25 – +80 °C

Electrical Parameters

Working voltage 10-36V DC

Average current


Measuring height of liquid level Response time (without water)

Blind zone



Response time (with water)



Output mode Analog voltage

Resolution 1mm

Center frequency


ESD ±4/±8KV

Accuracy (normal temperature)

±(10 + current height of liquid level*1%)

LED indicator light instructions Long bright

Power on, but did not detect the liquid Slow flash Liquid is detected and the LED flashes at one frequency per second

Electronic Wire Connections


Black GND

sanded until the metal is clean and polished. 3. If testing before final installation, press the sensor on the detecting point with ‘ coupling material’ (KY Jelly is best) for testing. When the LED is flashing, it confirms that it is good position for final installation. 4. Install the sensor permanently on the detecting point using a ‘ two part epoxy adhesive ’ 5. If the tank is poly-ethylene (roto-moulded tanks), it is advised to gently heat the area that you will be gluing to with a cigarette lighter to drive out any oils prior to gluing.

Yellow Signal Output +

White Reserved for later use

The Relational Graph Between Distance and approx voltage out.


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