Scotty AI: Changes and what does it do for you?

“Travel the World, Live in a World, Without Consuming the Earth”

Scotty AI Installation and User Manual Here is a one page manual. Scotty ONLY charges Lithium Batteries up to 60V on HS. • Mandatory pre-reading is “What does Scotty AI do for you”. Scotty V2.0.0.5 upgrades here. • Follow our installation manual here: • Watch this Video on what to do after you receive Scotty and have installed it as per manual above! It’s a video of the steps below. It does NOT show you installation. Click above.

1) Include a 3A fuse and switch on the Scotty ignition/enable/ wire of the harness. 2) Include a 5A fuse on the 5V+ circuit that powers the optional Scotty Touch Display. 3) Leave the engine turned o ff . Have your High Side (HS) batteries connected and isolator turned on. Your system should be ready to go except engine is turned o ff . 4) Open phone/tablet/laptop wifi > scan> connect to “Scotty_***” password 12345678. 5) Once connected, the “wheel connection indicator may still be turning” as there is no internet. Go to browser (we use Chrome) and type in (same as Victron) 6) There are several steps on Auto-tuning. 1. Scotty AI flashes status: green: all good; any red is error. App explains. 2. Navigate to ”Tuning page”. Read instructions: start car ,and wait 2 minutes. 3. Fill in the Alternator size in Amps? 7) Go to setting page and set Camping Voltage. If not, there is a text guide on what to do to troubleshoot. Follow the interactive text. 7) You are ready to go. User Manual 4. Please update HS battery parameter? 5. Click Auto Tune and Monitor Messages. 1) Touch Idle Setting: “Soft” for around town if you are getting su ffi cient replenishment power. Go to “Medium” for first time users who are unsure. Go to “Hard” to drive the maximum at idle: good when weather is poor; alternator replenishment backup. 2) Select “OFF” for no alternator charging but still HS> LS charging. Example is yacht wanting max power from engine or simply 48V to 12V or 24V DC DC. 3) If you have Scotty Touch Display> Swipe right or left. Rotate for Idle mode setting. Things to Know/Check 1) The Status section shows real time performance. It also shows the power loss in Watts for alternator (LS) side and battery side (HS) if CAN BMS. 2) There are “Setting” pages for selective manual tuning. If you don’t know what these are, just leave these settings unless instructed to change them. 3) There is a “diagnostics” section and a link to a “Potential Solutions Guidance” page. 4) There is also a page describing the terminology we use: “Parameter Description” at bottom of “tuning page”. 5) Firmware update: Engine is OFF. Go to Download firmware to the phone (disconnect from Scotty WiFi). Then change Wifi back to Enjoy and send us feedback. “Would you like fries with that”. Our Starship range of wireless digital switching is coming soon. It revolutionizes digital switching and the entire range has a 1 page manual. Ver May 1 2023 Scotty_****. Go to Select the file and click update button.

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