Scotty AI: Changes and what does it do for you?

“Travel the World, Without Consuming the Earth”

Comparison between Scotty and Scotty AI Scotty AI Available from May 2023 Scotty

Scotty AI

1500W 12V- 24V up to 60V Bi-directional 3000W 12V – 24V up to 60V Bi-directional 3000W 24V—36V up to 60V Bi-directional

DC DC Range

Software added to Wakespeed 500 Board No patents

Safiery patent pend Control Algorithm Safiery built PCB Program with Smart Phone App Manual 1 page Standard Feature (mandatory in all Safiery Controllers)

Control Board

Program with Serial Interface Manual 109 pages

Programming Process

Over the Air Update to Firmware without disturbing user program

Not Available

Manual tuning with vehicle running. May need retuning if vehicle loads introduced after initial tuning Can access engine RPM to trigger advanced tuning but tuning still required as well as accessing vehicle CAN and connecting to it successfully.

Auto-tuning no programming required (patent pending software)

Tuning Process

No need for engine RPM Control algorithms internally maps alternator output power curve using AI algorithm. Auto maps to that power curve. No user intervention. (patent pend) 3 settings of Soft, medium, Hard output settings Using Smartphone App or Touch Display

Accessing Engine RPM

Not available. Manual “pull back factor” can be set and programmed before use.

User adjustable Idle output power

Patent Pending

Independent display showing Power, Battery voltage (if battery is CANbus accessible), Alternator temperature and power As shipped programming tool Power Transition when alternator voltage drops

Yes on either Smartphone App or Touch Display


Patent Pending

Touch Display above is optional. System can be accessed by WiFi app. Settings, Errors, and performance visible on smartphone , tablet or laptop

Android App available Apple App coming

Hunts on/off

Smooth transition, no hunting

Critically Important If voltage drop> small voltage Scotty hunts off/on

Importance of Power Cable Size

Less important But cable losses visible on display in Watts

Flashing LED Error in English on Smartphone App or Touch display Wide range of CANbus compatible batteries plus manual charging parameters Will do a Stop charge when either Charge Current Limit = 0 or Stop charge alert is issued by Battery. Safiery has over 300 units installed in 20 countries with all running successfully in wide range of applications. It is this experience that led to development of Scotty AI

Error Codes

Flashing LED

Wide range of CANbus compatible batteries plus manual charging parameters

Battery Compatibility

DC to DC Experience with RV and Marine Applications

Wakespeed USA has limited DC DC experience < handful

Patent Pending Australia, USA, Europe, UK, Asia 2022902768

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