Scotty AI: Changes and what does it do for you?

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Scotty AI 1500 Wiring Diagram


Can’t use chassis for Temperature Probe negative. Need to wire it directly to Scotty GND.

Cable marked CAN + is CAN hi for connection to CANbus Cable marked CAN - is CAN hi for connection to CANbus

12V Alternator Sense Wire Need to be 3 amp fused

FIRST ITEM TO INSTALL Scotty large Negative to Chassis

Use ‘Bat-’ wire as temperature input

24V-48V +

12V +

12V only !!! (if you connect HS, it will damage it) Scotty Breaker switch will connect here. Need to be 3 Amp fused

Fuse: 250A for 70mm2 12V Fuse 80A for 25mm2 48V and 25mm2 12V

Cable marked “Feature In” is to be used to disable charge from a BMS “stop charge” relay. A high signal allows charger. There is an “inverted” selection in the app for reverse condition wiring.

Cable marked Bat Temp - is used for power supply to Scotty Touch Display as 5V+ Output. If no display, just leave coiled up and reserved.

Alternator Sense Wire to harness is a MUST Alternator Temperature Sense Wire to harness is a MUST

Scotty AI ver 2.001

48V Side Single 25mm2 to 48V Battery

Additional Single 35mm2

CANbus connection is preferred

Single 35mm2 to Chassis

Single 70mm2

Additional Single 35mm2 to Chassis

Canopy 12V Power and/or Anderson Plug rear

Chassis connections have to be bolted with torque to clean unpainted and linished


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