Scotty AI: Changes and what does it do for you?

Charging Strategy for 48-12V Hybrid Lagoon 460

12V Lithium House 6,000 Wh (factory)

48V Lithium House 14,400 Wh (Safiery) 49.8V 80% SOC

Scotty’s (2 x 1500W) Bi-directional DC DC One on Port Alternator; one on Starboard

Boat Rested

13.2V 90% SOC

A: Port Engine Started 1) Port Alternator charges the 12V Lithium House bank with factory DC DC 2) Scotty sends power from the 48V Lithium to the 12V Lithium House at 120A until the 12V Lithium House reaches 13.6V then stops.

Starts at 13.4V and charges to 13.8V at 40A from the factory DC DC

Charges the 12V Lithium House until lithium reaches 13.6V then stops. Charging at 1500W to 100% SOC Delivering power to 12V Lithium to maintain 13.6V and is discharging. Up to 1600W into 48V system from solar during day.

Port Alternator Running.

B: 12V Lithium House Battery reaches 13.8V

1) ! Port Scotty changes from HS>LS to LS>HS and starts charging 48V Lithium Bank at 1500W. No current is drained from the 12V Lithium bank. 1) ! Port Scotty changes back to HS>LS to maintain 13.6V minimum on 12V House Lithium batteries.

13.8 to 14.0V

C: Port Engine Turned o

13.5-13.6V delivering around 40A of 12V loads

D: Solar is charging 48V systems from 1600W of panels on aft platform

E: Starboard Engine Running Same as Port Engine, operates independently of Port Engine. Customer can motor sale on either engine with similar charging result as above. F: Both Port and Starboard Engine Running Combines power of both engines with up to 3000W of alternator Charging

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