Scotty AI: Changes and what does it do for you?

“Travel the World, Without Consuming the Earth”

Bi-Directional DC to DC When engine is off: Scotty AI reverses direction when the voltage threshold is met. This is adjustable by the user and is called “camping mode”. This maintains a minimum voltage at the starter battery and associated loads. Power transfer 3000W or 1500W. In particular, supports high current requirements of winches or windlasses of all types at the starter battery. Allows Victron Multiplus II 12V 3000VA to operate on 12V side pulling power through Scotty AI from the Lithium battery side. Popular with 24V and 36V trolling motor applications. Scotty responds faster than the Victron Multiplus to load changes so the Inverter will not trip. (note special Safiery programming of Inverter/Charger required) Smart Battery Protect is built into Scotty AI for Lithium power flow to starter battery with voltage set point that automatically turns off this function. Independent Smart Battery Protect is used on starter battery to 12V or 24V loads that automatically turns off power flow to protect starter battery. Uses small “voltage sense” positive and negative wires to Lithium battery to detect voltage condition acurately. This allows for fast detection of loads for fast response. Charges Lithium Battery till voltage threshold met, then moves to absorb mode for cell balancing, then relaxes to a constant voltage “float voltage”. Values are set by the user. While in constant voltage “float voltage”, a sudden increase in load will trigger “power matching” to deliver required power to load but still maintain a “float voltage” condition. For batteries with an external BMS relay fitted, activation (or inverse) condition will immediately push Scotty to “float voltage” which will be less than the BMS cut off voltage and effectively stop charging immediately. Lithium Battery temperature reading feature allows for “stop charge” in a defined temperature range.

Lithium Battery Charging – NON CANbus Communication

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