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Smart Power Control Dual Hob 1800W + 1500W BUILT IN APPLIANCE "Smart Sense" Matching 2,000W or 3000W Inverter


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Sa f iery Pty Ltd 35/75 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Q LD, 4209 Australia

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Induction Cooktop SA F IER Y INC180018001, INC280018002 INC280018003 Input: 240Vrv 50Hz 13A 2800W Max Input: 240V 50Hz 8A 1900W Max Input: 240V 50Hz 8A 1800W Max Ta:50 ° C Tc:85 ° C, Class II AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13:2013 AS/NZS 61347.1:2016 Nil SAA-173233-EA



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9 January 2019 9 January 2024

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JAS-�NZ __r,,----: �------i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

SAA Approvals Ply Ltd as accredited by JAS-ANZ under ISO/IEC 17065 certifies in accordance with the SAA Approvals Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme that the product nominated in this certificate complies with standard/s listed.

When using the RCM the requirements of all relevant parts of AS/NZS 4417 applicable to the article must be fulfilled.

L------ : ------J ®

Issued: 09-01-18 173233/1

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Glass Top Corners are shaped at 14mm radius

1 Worktop clamping screw

2 Foam seal

3 Power connection (Plug optional) 5 Air outlet – 10mm Min X 300mm 7 Cool air inlet – under hob side vent

4 Air inlet – fan assist

6 Cool air inlet – worktop vent

8 Cool air inlet – under hob rear vent


Note: Items 6, 7 & 8 are recommended options, read installation section for details. SPECIFICATION

German Core Components •

Schott Ceran Glass Crystal Top German produced IGBT control

Power •

Power Watts: 1800W+1500W

• Has Maximum combined output of 2800W to suit 3000VA Inverter. • Individual Controls • Smart Power alert with Inverter

Automation •

Smart Sense keeps power limited to Inverter of 3000VA

• • • • • •


Child Lock Booster function Auto Safe Switch off Cookware detection on

Over heat & empty pan off (dual sensor)


This appliance must be installed in accordance with the relevant local and national regulations in force. Failure to instal the appliance correctly could invalidate any warranty or liability claims and lead to prosecution. Installation should only be carried out by a qualified installer or engineer. Please refer to the methods of installation and use within this handbook. Our policy is one of continuous development and improvement. Specifications and illustrations may change subsequent to publication.

• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • If the glass surface is cracked, switch off the appliance to avoid the possibility of electric shock. • Metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not be placed on the hob surface since they can get hot. • Condensation on electronics during storage must be avoided



Cooking on Induction Cooking with an Induction Hob is different to a conventional hob which has either heating elements or hotplates. An induction hob uses powerful electro magnets which are located below the glass surface. When a pan manufactured from magnetic material, is placed directly above an electro-magnet, energy is induced into the metal of the pan. This energy causes the metal pan to become hot and is sufficient to provide the heat for cooking. Since heat for cooking is created inside the pan, only the area of glass in direct contact with the pan will become hot. To ensure you achieve maximum cooking efficiency from your Induction hob we recommend the use of pans which are specifically made for this type of appliance. A good guide is to choose pans which bear the symbol ‘Class Induction’. If however you wish to use your existing pans and are unsure if they are suitable you can check if they are the correct type by using a magnet. If the magnet will attach to the base then the pan is suitable for induction. Please ensure, regardless of pan type (stainless, enamelled steel, cast iron, etc) the pan base is smooth and flat to avoid the risk of scatching the glass. Never slide the pan across the glass surface.

We recommend the following pan sizes for each Heat Zone:- Heat Zone 1 – Ø135mm to Ø220mm Heat Zone 2 – Ø90mm to Ø160mm

Glass, ceramic or earthenware pans, aluminium (unless they have a special base), copper pans and some non-magnetic stainless steel pans are not suitable for use on Induction hobs.

Using the Hob Each heating zone on the hob can be controlled individually using the touch controls. Illuminated displays for both zones provide information on power settings, timer function, pause/resume, power boost, etc. The following chart provides information on how to operate and choose the various functions available.

Induction Hob control panel


Heat Zone 1



Heat Zone 2


Touch Controls

L.E.D Display

When operating the Induction Hob it is not necessary to apply pressure to the touch controls, only a gentle touch is required. The appliance emits a beep and the illuminated display informs of your action.



Touch Controls

L.E.D. Display

1. Ensure the power supply is connected and turned on 2. Switch On:

The display for each heat zone will illuminate as shown.

Touch the Power On/Off symbol until it beeps.

If no function activated after 10seconds system will switch to standby.

3. Heat setting

For each zone, touch the symbols to select required heat.

The heat setting is adjustable between 1 & 9 for each zone.

The heat setting is adjustable during cooking by touching either symbol.

4. Pan detection

Either heat zone will only function with a pan in place. When pan

removed or not present the display flashes & shows the following symbol.

5. Switch Off zone heating

For each zone, touch

When the zone is switched Off the display will illuminate as shown

With both Heat Zones switched Off, system is in standby mode.

symbol until ‘0’ appears on the display or touch and hold both


6. Switch Off Induction Hob.

Touch the Power On/Off symbol until it beeps.

To Switch Off completely turn off power supply.

Illuminated display is blank.

Both zones are paused and their displays illuminate as shown.

7. Pause/Resume

To Pause touch until it beeps.

Pause function only operates for a period of 10minutes. After this period system automatically goes to standby.

To Resume touch

until it beeps and

then touch any other symbol to resume cooking on previous heat setting.



Touch Controls

L.E.D. Display

8. Simmer Control

When selected the display illuminates as shown.

Touch and hold symbol until ‘ 1 ’ displayed. To deactivate touch either

Available on either zone, a constant very low heat 65 o C suitable for melting chocolate or delicate sauces.

9. Smart Sense

Touch and hold symbol powering up. T he other control will power down. oost touch

The Combined power of both controls are designed to be within the 3000VA limit of an inverter. When one hob is turned up higher than this limit, the other will reduce automatically.


10. Timer function

Set the heat zone to the desired heat using

Available on either heat zone, maximum of 99minutes. Timer can be used without setting zone heating.

Activate timer by touching

When timer function selected the display shows duration in minutes and neon lit in top of display

symbol. A neon in

the display will flash to indicate timer function selected. Select the desired time (from 1 to 99) using Timer starts countdown immediately and beeps at the end of cooking time. Heat zone switches Off. After using either zone an ‘H’ will illuminate in the display to indicate surface may be hot to the touch.

11. Hot hob surface

Take care when above illuminated on display, surfaces will be above 60 o C.

After use 1. Switch Off the hob element by its control. 2. Turn Off the power supply



Do’s and Don’ts DO

Read the instructions carefully before using the appliance .


Clean the appliance regularly

Remove spills as soon as they occur

Check controls are in the OFF position when finished

Use the correct type pans and always lift the pan, sliding may cause scratches.


Allow children near the appliance when in use. Turn pan handles away from the front so that they cannot be caught accidentally.


Use steam cleaners or other types of power cleaners.

Use abrasive cleaners, wire wool, bleaches, stain removers or any implement which will damage the glass.

Use kitchen foil on the hob.

Heat sealed tins of food, they may explode.

Leave empty pans on a heat zone.

Persons fitted with pacemakers or other electrical implants

This Induction Hob complies with the applicable standards on electromagnetic interference and complies fully with the European Directive 89/336/EEC. It should not interfere with other electrical equipment providing they also comply to the regulations. Persons who have a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant should clarify with their doctor or the producer of the implant, whether those units comply with the regulations.


Before using the hob for the first time, check the power supply is switched off, use a dampened paper towel or clean cloth to remove any soiling or residual factory lubricants. Once clean apply a thin coating of cleaner conditioner to the glass surface and polish with a clean cloth. The conditioner provides a protective surface coating which will make cleaning the hob easier. Occasional reapplying of the conditioner will prevent the accumulation of deposits from cooking. If the glass surface becomes discoloured due to cooking deposits, clean the glass using a mild cream cleaner or use a ceramic hob scraper. Wipe the surface clean and re-apply the cleaner conditioner.

• The appliance has automatic overheat protection which if activated may limit functions or completely turn Off the hob. • Spillage over the touch controls on the glass can activate change in settings. Remove spills immediately and keep area clean.



Regulations & Standards This appliance must be installed in accordance with the relevant local and national regulations in force. Installation should only be carried out by a qualified installer or engineer. The appliance is suitable for installation into Holiday Homes, Touring Caravans and Boats. In all cases the national standards with regard to appliance location and ventilation for the particular vehicle into which the appliance is to be installed must be adhered to. Position A cutout should be prepared in the worktop as shown on page 2. A gap between the edge of the hotplate and combustible material, unless protected by a layer of non-combustible material, must exist, the minimum size of this gap for the required installation is shown below:-

A = 40mm, minimum direct distance between hotplate edge and rear wall. B = 100mm, minimum direct distance between hotplate edge and side wall.

Cupboards above the appliance must be positioned a minimum of 500mm from the glass surface.

A foam seal is supplied which must be attached to the underside of the appliance around its periphery prior to positioning the hob on the worktop. The appliance should then be clamped in position using the 4 clamping screws provided. The underside of the appliance must be shielded. It is recommended the shield is manufactured from non-combustible material and located a minimum of 25mm below the lowest part of the appliance. This air space must be provided with ventilation and we recommend ventilation slots, minimum 3000mm 2 , located in one of the 3 positions (6, 7 or 8) as shown in the diagram on page 2. If the appliance is to be located over a cupboard or drawer the ventilation slots may be positioned in the base of the enclosure at the rear.

Electrical Connection Models fitted with power cord only

This appliance is supplied with a double insulated cord, Australian Standard 15A , which is suitable for use up to 15A amps. This should be connected to a double pole switched mains supply, with 3mm minimum contact separation at all poles. Ensure that all electrical cables and wires are routed well clear of any heat source, including this appliance. Do not allow the cord to hang loose into the lower compartment. The switch must be accessible after installation.


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