Microsoft Word - Q and A on Alternators DC to DC and Scotty…

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cable OR bigger. A 16mm2 cable would be too small for that fuse. With a 100A fuse, a 16mm2 cable would be fine (100/7 = 14.1). b. A Scotty with 250A fuse would need a minimum of 250/7 = 35.1 so we would use 50mm2 as a minimum. Using 70mm2 or double 70mm2 means the fuse is protecting these cables. c. On the 48V side of Scotty, a max current is 60A. This 48V cable need to be no bigger that 25mm2 for 3,000W capacity with a 125A megafuse. Bruce Loxton Coomera February 1 st 2022

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