Simarine with Switches

This interactive publication describes the Simarine, Classic Switch and Gas Strut Switch Special offer

        Ā Ā


Orange Bar is power out to devices

State of Charge

Direction of Current Flow Time To Go(TTG) Voltage Current Flowing

Blue Bar is power from solar system

                     Ā  Ā Ā ĀĀ   Ā    Ā€Ā‚ĀĀƒĀ„Ā„Ā„Ā„  Ā†Ā‡  Āˆ   Ā‰  Ā„Ā„Ā„Ā„ĀŠ  Ā„Ā„Ā„Ā„Ā‹   Ā‹ĀŒ Ā  Ā ĀĀ‚ ĀŒ    ĀĀ  Ā  Ā Ā   ĀĀ–  ĀŒ    Āˆ  Ā’  Ā Āˆ Ā Ā  Ā        ĀƒĀŽĀ‘Ā’ĀƒĀŽĀ“ Ā“Ā”Ā‚ĀĀ“ĀĀŽĀ†Ā“ĀĀƒĀŽĀŽĀ“ĀĀŒĀ“ ĀŒĀŒĀ‚Ā•Ā“ ĀŒ 

ĀĀĀ Ā  Ā€Ā‚ ĀĀ ĀĀ Ā‚



 ĀŒ  Ā ĀĀ Ā Ā ĀŠ ĀƒĀ ĀĀŒĀĀĀŠĀŒĀŒĀ ĀŒĀ— Ā˜ ĀƒĀ   ĀĀ   Ā™  Āš  ĀŒ  Ā˜ ĀƒĀ     Ā  Ā      ĀŒĀŒĀ ĀƒĀ ĀŒ ĀšĀ˜    ĀŒĀŒĀ ĀšĀ‘ĀšĀ˜ Ā€    Āˆ Ā‚

ĀŒ    Ā–    Ā‹ Ā› ĀŒ  ĀŠ  Ā‹ Ā› Ā‚        ĀƒĀ   ĀŒĀ™     ĀŒĀ”   Ā‹Ā›Ā” Ā€    Āˆ  Ā‚ ĀŒĀˆ   ĀĀœĀ›Āš Ā•Ā– ĀŒ Ā‹  Ā€       Ā Ā     Āˆ     ĀŒĀˆ   Ā Āš  ĀšĀš  ĀŒ        ĀƒĀ     Ā‡    




 Ā Ā Ā Ā 

ĀĀ  ĀŒĀ     Āž    ĀŒĀŒĀŸ ĀŒ   Ā”    Āˆ    Ā‘Ā“   ĀŒ Āž ĀŠ Ā‹  Ā‘Āˆ     Ā  Ā  ĀŒ        ¡ Ā‘Ā“  ĀŒ ĀĀ€  Ā‘Ā“    Āˆ     Āš Ā›    ĀŒ Āˆ        ¢    Āˆ ¢ ĀŒ 


Āƒ Ā„

  Ā€ Ā‚    Ā

Ā†  ĀĀ‡   ¢     Ā† £   Ā Ā Ā† ā€¦  Āˆ  £    Ā‚  ¤ĀŒĀˆ   ĀĀœĀ›Āš     Āˆ Ā” ĀŒ ĀĀœĀ›Āš  Ā›Āš Ā‚ Āš Ā‹Āš Ā Ā   Ā•    ĀˆĀˆ  Āˆ 

 ¢       Ā• £               Ā‘Ā“    Ā’           ĀšĀ˜Āž       ¢Āš   ĀˆĀ† Ā†Āˆ


Ā   Ā‘Ā“ £  Āƒ     ĀŒ Āƒ   Ā‘Ā“   Ā€ 

 ĀĀ‰ ĀŒĀ¥ĀĀˆ ĀŒĀŽ  Ā Āž  Ā€ Ā‚   ĀˆĀ‰ ĀŠ


 Ā ĀĀ Ā‹  Ā

ĀĀŒĀĀ† ĀŒĀ  ¦ Ā‹  

Ā‘Ā“ Ā‘      Ā‘Ā“ Ā” ĀŠ     ĀŒ    Āž Āš  ĀŒ      

Ā€ Ā‚

Ā      Ā‘Ā“  Ā

¥ ¨Ā€ ĀšĀ–Ā›

Ā¨ Āž Ā–£ ĀŽ ĀŸĀ–

Ā¨ Ā‡ 

ĀĀƒĀ– ĀĀŒ Ā– Ā   Ā–

ĀĀŒĀ† ĀŒ ¦¢ ĀŒ ĀŒĀ‘Ā“   Ā†   ĀŒ  Ā‘Ā“   §  ĀŒ ¢Āˆ  ¢ĀŒ ĀŒĀ‘Ā“   ¢



 ĀŽ Ā Ā  Ā  Ā   Ā‘  ĀŒ      ĀŒ Ā‘ ĀŽ Ā‚    


ĀƒĀ Āƒ

 Ā Ā€


 Ā€ Ā Ā       Ā†Ā Ā Ā   ĀĀĀ ĀĀ


Ā†ĀŽ            Ā   

Ā Ā‹ Ā† 


Elegant high quality alloy

Matt black or silver CNC soft bevelled

+ve -ve -ve -ve -ve -ve +ve

Spring clips or ā€˜Cā€™ bracket mounted

Ultra thin profile

< 20ma

8A circuit

2A circuit

Low power draw

2 Lines Text

Customized laser engraved text Cap Sense buttons

2A circuit

2A circuit

Simple wiring to Phoenix Plug on rear of Switch

Background Blue LED Synchronized with Dimming Can turn backlit LED Off totally.



ĀĀ†   ĀŽ ĀŒ Āž      ĀŒ Ā‘Ā“   Ā   Ā    Ā‘  Ā Ā  ĀŒ Ā‹ĀšĀšĀ‘ĀžĀ™ĀšĀž©  Ā‚   Ā—Āš ĀŒ 


Ā† Ā Ā†Ā 

Ā† ĀĀŒĀ† ĀŒ ¦¢

 Ā–  ĀƒĀŽ ĀŒ    Ā†    Āˆ   Ā‚Āž ĀŽ¡ ª ĀšĀšĀšĀšĀ Ā• «      «  Ā“Ā‚¦    Ā€     ĀŒ   



                                        Ā       Ā  Ā              Ā     Ā 

          ĀĀ ĀĀĀ

 ĀĀ€Ā‚  ĀƒĀ ĀĀ„Ā Ā

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