Smart Switch Operating Manual ve2.3

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Inside Smart Switch and IO Board (Patent Pending)

1. Clip on DIN rail base.

2. 10A Fuse Holders with 1-4 (but never 5) fuses. 3. Phoenix Plug at top with 12V + On left

4. Phoenix Plug at bottom with 7 outputs

5. RJ45 Cable that is a wired connection from switch to I/O board. 6. Two rows of vertical pins: • Top row: black LED and 12V device controller • Bottom row: blue 12v Motor controller

Inside Smart Switch and Labels (Patent Pending)

1. Either spring clips of C shape pressure mount.

2. 12V + And -ve wired. This can be a very small cable of 0.3mm2 as it only uses power for LED backlit/control 0.01A per switch button. The 12V -ve must be the same ground -ve used for the Smart IO board. 3. The Position of the labeled button and the Smart IO outputs is shown in the detailed pages that follow. Note the Top Left is always reserved for LED light. 5. The buttons are backlit - very, very softly so users are not disturbed at night. However, if a water pump is left on and the surrounding blue LED disturbs users, then simply disassemble the switch (4 M3 screws) and cover either 1,2, 3 or 4 internal backlit LEDs on 1-4 sides with black tape. It would be best to leave at least 1 exposed so the pump “on” status is visible. 4. The buttons can be easily removed and changed.

Switching more than 8-10A continuously

6. Up to 2 Rows of customised letters. Maximum of 7 characters each row.

1. Use the Optional Solid State Switch.

2. INDUCTIVE LOADS like Air-compressor need a 4 x rated capacity. So a 25A compressor load requires a 100A Sold state rated load. 3. NON-INDUCTIVE LOADS like Large LED Light Bars require a 2 x rated capacity. So a 30A light- bar needs a 60A Sold state rated load. For long periods of use, the included heat sink is required. 4. The key with solid state relays is COOLING. There is a solid Cadmium/Nickel coated plate on the bottom that is essential for transferring heat. This should be mounted to a metal frame. 5. Use the supplied elevated heat sink if mounting to fibreglass, wood or thin metal.


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